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Oak Kitchen Painting in Bridgend

When you have a well fitted, good quality kitchen in your home like this oak example in Bridgend between Cardiff and Swansea, then it really would be a shame to replace as it really is still in full working order and well made to boot.

This solid oak kitchen has been working perfectly well for years but the colour has taken a shade of orange that makes the room look tired and dated.

Oak Kitchen Bridgend

The clients asked about a painted finish and replacement of the handles, something to make it look more modern. This was entirely possible and I could see the kitchen would be transformed at the end of the job and give many more years of service for a fraction of the cost to replace it with a similar quality kitchen today.

To equal the standard of construction, kitchen painting a professionally applied finish with thorough preparation was going to be called for. A good clean down and fine sanding of all surfaces set the tone for our primer. The kitchen had been looked after and with a little fine surface filling I was ready for some colour to be applied.


It was decided that the over mantle was to be stripped back and refinished to retain some of the wood and the island unit to be painted a shade of green to compliment the soft furnishings in the kitchen and adjoining lounge. The main units were finished with a designer creamy off-white with the new handles attached I’m sure you’d agree that the room has been transformed.


Not only that but now that the doors have had the correct preparation and finished to a high quality, it makes the whole process easier in the future. Should a change of colour be wanted or even a glaze or distressed finish applied to the existing finish it would be less time and cost less.

Little known fact

A little discussed advantage of my kitchen refurbishment service is that once a well made older wooden kitchen has had the correct preparation and been finished to my high standards, the whole re-paint process will be a lot easier in the future.

For instance, the units are unlikely to need replacing for many years, making it perfectly feasible to go for a game-changing change of colour, or even have a glaze or distressed finish applied to the existing finish in a few years’ time. I can do this efficiently and cost-effectively: less time = less cost.

In other words, this approach, when done correctly, of course, on a decent wooden kitchen, really is a good investment.

If you are interested in having your kitchen painted in Swansea or anywhere in South Wales please do get in touch and we can provide you with a no obligation quote

For details as to what happens next see How to get you Kitchen Painted



How To Get Your Kitchen Painted

So you’ve decided to go about painting your kitchen, great idea, not only does painting a well fitted kitchen save the upheaval of fitting new units it can be a more cost effective option (you can use the saving to update appliances, worktops etc) But what do you need to do now?

You might like to take a look at some the the examples on this site, as a guideline to what can be achieved I also have a time lapse video of the full kitchen painting process.

So, what to expect with a professional decorator

wood kitchen to be hand painted

Step 1.

I will always advise you to the best of my abilities but I need a couple of things from you first. A short description of the kitchen along with photos showing all elements, this helps me price everything up and make suggestions on aspects that might benefit the kitchen. I am also happy to call out and take a closer look with if you prefer.

Step 2.

You will receive a quote via email or post detailing the process and any additional services involved. If you have any question at this point I am only too happy to help answer them, if you are happy with the quote and would like for me to visit with colour cards and samples we will arrange a convenient time

Protection for your kitchen while painting

Step 3.

With your quote you will have an acceptance form to return along with a small deposit, this will secure your booking as I sometimes book work up to 3 months in advance. From now on it is decision time, I ask you to narrow down your colour choice to 3 and provide large brush out samples to view in the natural and artificial lighting in your kitchen


Step 4.

After viewing the colours and deciding on the final scheme, I will arrive on day one and begin the work starting with masking up and cleaning down. From now on you will see the change each day and in a short period will feel like you have a new kitchen


But everything doesn’t have stop there, furniture can be painted to compliment your new kitchen and I’m happy to freshen up any other rooms in the home

If you have any questions or would like a quote then you can get in touch via the contact page

Refurbished Kitchen Aberdare

This article was first published on Traditional Painter by Matthew Evans

Not everyone is so sure as to how a hand painted kitchen will look once it is complete, colours are often difficult to imagine over broad areas and many will not have come across a high quality brush finish before.

After receiving some images through email (some tips right here) the owners of this kitchen in Aberdare were planning to move in a few years time and didn’t want to go through the expense and disruption of a new kitchen especially when this one was still working perfectly well.

Before Kitchen Painting Kitchen Refurbishment WalesCleaning down before painting
Solid wood kitchen needs painting Swansea

I can work from a few good pictures and provide an accurate quote for most kitchen refurbishments and am more than happy to pop round to talk through the whole process and colours before work starts.


wood kitchen to be hand painted

My first procedure is always going to be laying protection down and masking everything that I need to. After this it is time to start cleaning, I have to say that this kitchen was particularly clean and didn’t take much effort. But it is always good practice and my preferred cleaner is Krud Kutter’s Gloss Off * this is a really good cleaner and wax remover but is primarily for preparing hard surfaces for painting, and it really does work! you can feel the difference under the brush.

This project also gave me the opportunity to try out my new Fox brushes * a little more on that later though. With the cleaning finished it is time to sand everywhere that is to be painted, I’ve missed using my sander over the last year while I was working away and now I have the opportunity to work with it again, it really makes a difference. Just being able to sand away and not have a cloud of dust around you makes the area that much nicer to work in.

brush finished kitchen Designer kitchen low cost Finished painted kitchen Swansea

My usual routine of using an adhesion primer followed by filling and patching, filling and patching, undercoating and finishing off with two top coats gave the ho
me owners something to really talk about, the finish was better than they imagined and was ready to surprise the family.

Traditional painted kItchen South WalesPerfect Hand Finished Kitchen

Hand Painted Kitchen Porthcawl

This article also appeared on Traditional Painter written by Matthew Evans

We were approached last year to hand paint a kitchen in Porthcawl, near Bridgend, South Wales. The kitchen having little natural daylight required a little brightening up, with a lot of interesting colours and textures between the stone flooring and tiles and after sampling a limed wax finish a neutral shade in the form of Farrow and Ball’s ‘New White’ was opted for the solid colour

Following our usual preparation for a hand painted kitchen we removed doors and handles. Carried out a good clean down with KrudKutter and a abrasive pad. Followed by dust free sanding with our Festool Rotex 90 and priming with Zinsser Coverstain.

The finish used was 2 coats of undercoat followed by 2 coats of Farrow and Ball Estate Eggshell. While I dont go out of the way to recommend F & B for painted kitchens, I will use it with caution. But have to admit this time round it flowed on lovely and gave a good finish.

I will shortly be trying my first batch of Tikkurila Feelings Furniture paint, tinted to a Little Greene colour for a chest of drawers. With the great reports from fellow kitchen painters I’m really looking forward to it.

For a no obligation quote to have your kitchen painted get in touch with us. Phone us on 01792 885173 or try our mobile on 07528 467 284. Of course there is also our email, get in touch with us at

If you are outside the South Wales area you will want to look at UK Hand-Painted Kitchen Specialists on the Traditional Painter website.

by Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor


Vintage 50’s Magnolia and a fitting Kitchen Green

This kitchen, at a busy family home in Ammanford, was in need of a face lift. Installed at the same time as the house was built around 20 years ago, it was well made with solid doors and didn’t need to be replaced. To record the process from start to finish I set up a time lapse camera, although there were some other trade coming and going so turned it off out of respect while they were working in the room.

A new tile floor and splash back was installed along with worktops a new island with inbuild cooker and extraction, with some updated lighting and sockets to finish off. Then we came in to perform the finishing touches.

Cleaning everything down with Krud Kutter Original is always a pleasure as it cuts through any and all grease you might find. Things were a little awkward as the kitchen was always going to still be in use by a busy family.

With everything cleaned down, our Festool dust free sanding unit was brought in to keep dust to a minimum and at the same time providing a perfect surface to apply our first coat of Zinsser Coverstain.

The chosen finish was Little Greene Oil Eggshell, in 50’s Magnolia and (quite fittingly) Kitchen Green.

Three coats were applied and new handles fitted to complete the look. While we were there there was also a pine welsh dresser and wine rack that now looked out of place. So a little extra time was spent preparing and painting them to the same spec along with two new IKEA stools to match the cooker island.

For a no obligation quote to have your kitchen painted get in touch with us. Phone us on 01792 885173 or try our mobile on 07528 467 284.Of course there is also our email, get in touch with us at

If you are outside the South Wales area you want to look at UK Hand-Painted Kitchen Specialists on the Traditional Painter website.

by Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor