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Traditional LongHouse in the Welsh Countryside

This lovely house located in the quiet Welsh countryside of Carmarthenshire has been one of the most enjoyable traditional painting projects to date. The quality of materials and craftsmanship throughout has worked right through to the end product. Its no wonder that ‘Goetre’ was featured in The World of Interiors.

I was approached initially by Hilton Marlton for the priming of the new windows being made for the property. It wasn’t long after that we had a meeting with Jessica and Jamie Seaton who owned this old farmhouse discussing the option for a lead like finish on the windows to compliment the limewash. (we used Potmolen Linseed Oil Paint)

From there on, we advised and carried out the decorative scheme throughout the house. Using a variety of finishes from limewash and casein distemper to gesso and chalk paint we mixed all colours by eye on site, everything had a traditional hand brushed finish.

In the ‘Blue Bedroom’ we distempered the walls with a base colour and washed over the top with pigment provided by Nutshell Natural Paints. We are experienced with hand finishing kitchens and the unique kitchen unit was a reclaimed lab unit and finished with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and over waxed with different shades to provide protection and a slight patina.

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by Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor

Vintage 50’s Magnolia and a fitting Kitchen Green

This kitchen, at a busy family home in Ammanford, was in need of a face lift. Installed at the same time as the house was built around 20 years ago, it was well made with solid doors and didn’t need to be replaced. To record the process from start to finish I set up a time lapse camera, although there were some other trade coming and going so turned it off out of respect while they were working in the room.

A new tile floor and splash back was installed along with worktops a new island with inbuild cooker and extraction, with some updated lighting and sockets to finish off. Then we came in to perform the finishing touches.

Cleaning everything down with Krud Kutter Original is always a pleasure as it cuts through any and all grease you might find. Things were a little awkward as the kitchen was always going to still be in use by a busy family.

With everything cleaned down, our Festool dust free sanding unit was brought in to keep dust to a minimum and at the same time providing a perfect surface to apply our first coat of Zinsser Coverstain.

The chosen finish was Little Greene Oil Eggshell, in 50’s Magnolia and (quite fittingly) Kitchen Green.

Three coats were applied and new handles fitted to complete the look. While we were there there was also a pine welsh dresser and wine rack that now looked out of place. So a little extra time was spent preparing and painting them to the same spec along with two new IKEA stools to match the cooker island.

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If you are outside the South Wales area you want to look at UK Hand-Painted Kitchen Specialists on the Traditional Painter website.

by Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor

St Teilo’s Church and more at St Fagans Cardiff

I once had the pleasure to carry out some work at St Fagans Museum in Cardiff. Here there was a rebuilt church, taken from Pontarddulais by the Loughor Estuary. Help was needed to recreate the interior to how it was and could have been in the 16th centuary. With colourful wall paintings and decorative gilding on the rood screen and loft. Along with Marc Hare from Cardiff I worked on the par-closed screen and font cover, aswell as some of the other building in the museum like the school house and castle.

A lot of work was put into the recreation and traditional techniques were used from start to finish to create as similar effect as possible. Pigments were hand ground into linseed oil and ranged from Indigo for the dark black areas, genuine Vermillion, Azurite and Lead Tin Yellow, some of these being highly toxic. I recommeded to used loose gold leaf with an oil size but was instructed to use transfer leaf with a japan size which created a very rough gilding.

The whole process was a great experience and I got to talk and explain to the public about what was happening as the work was carried out in St Teilo’s Church while it was still open. If you have a project involving a traditional building which is important to be treated in the correct manner, I’d be happy to discuss and advise on any decorative work required.

by Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor

Wallpaper Strips

Something that I come across from time to time especially when working on properties that have not been maintained, is old wallpapers. Usually found in multiple layers as they have been applied on top of each other, which although isn’t good working practise it does, to some extent, preserve these decorative beauties. I love finding a splash of colour when stripping back a room for a new wallcovering, it kind of makes the nasty job worthwhile. So a couple of samples that I have kept I shall share with you here, I’m not going to try and tell you any history behind the patterns or colours. But if you have any samples yourself I’d be very happy to see them.

And should you wish to replicate a traditional room setting we’d be happy to help

by Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor

A Little Makeover

A project that I have had the pleasure of working on in the local area of Carmarthenshire, is that of Grage II Listed Abbeyfield House. Currently being utilised as a residential home, this impressive building was in dire need of some maintinence. So I thought I would share some more images of the project, you can also read a little about the work and should you want to know more then please do get in touch

by Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor

Sneak Preview

I’m working on another movie for a project that has recently been completed, but I’ll give you a sneaky peek at some of the images. Check back for the finished showcase film and a post on the methods paints and problems encountered that we solved. Take a look here for more information on working with traditional buildings.

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Unseen View

A enjoyment of mine that I get the benefit of sometimes is just looking at landscapes from a different perspective one that is often enjoyed when scaffolding is used. The point of view is always going to be different from any changed location, this plus the fact that the image I take in might not have been looked at in the same way as I am looking at it for hundreds of years, maybe never before and at rates of development in some areas, maybe never again.