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kt.color Barbican Update

If you had seen my previous post about the Barbican flat that was decorated in a special paint with a colour range designed by LeCobusier, then you might be interested in a little update.

The clients wanted some touch ups and repainting of one wall in the same paint from kt.color, nothing major, but having carried out the previous decoration, being familiar with the paint and very nice people to work for I was more than happy to make a special journey from Swansea to London.

Quality decorating
Original wall colour
kt.color repaint
New grey wall colour compliments opposite bleu charron wall

As a quick an update on the performance of the paint, it has lasted well considering it is a vary flat matt, obviously some scuff marks here and there but with a wipe and touch up with the original paint everything looked good. The trim finish has also lasted well and was smooth to reapply where needed. The depth and intensity of colour is very impressive and there is a softness to the finish that you rarely see away from a distemper.

Ultramarine Blue Wall Paint

The wall being changed was going to a very nice grey to compliment the opposing blue on the other side of the room. Two coats were sufficient but the warm dry atmosphere meant that damping down of the wall (similar to painting lime wash) was required. Again everything was layed off with a soft synthetic brush creating a beautiful finish.

If you have any unique paint or wallpaper requirements then please do get in touch via our contact page

Painted DH Design

While working at Dumfries House I was given the opportunity to paint the Dumfries House emblem in the newly build visitors centre. Even though the majority of my decoration work is in South Wales, Cardiff, Swansea area it is nice to be given the opportunity to travel and see some new parts of the country.

Hand Painted Sign Base colour Using Mahl Adding detail to sign Finished Dumfries Logo Finishing Touches to sign

I was extremely happy to do this as it was very fitting to have it painted instead of a vinyl sticker, I just wish my sign-writing skills were a bit better for the Times Roman font they wanted below.

But I am more than happy with the end result and with a very appreciative helping hand from fellow student Ceilidh Green managed to get it complete on time

Brushkeeper for your Water-based Paints

You may have seen an earlier post of mine including the Clean and Go storage container, which I use regularly and it’s a good system. It helps clean and store water-based brushes for a period of time stopping them from drying out in our scorching weather. The only thing against it is the size and while Hildering do have a larger storage container, I was offered the Cling-On Brushkeeper to trial.

Initial impressions were good. Its a well made unit, internally lacquered to prevent corrosion. More importantly it is sufficiently deep enough to stop the internal liquid from spilling out and wide enough to stop tipping over in the back of the van. Cleaning out is easy, as the lid removes completely via a secure latch ring.

Waterbased brushkeeper for long storage

The brush holders are spliced pieces of rubber which secure the brushes very well indeed and even after long periods holding brushes they return to a useable position.

The obvious comparison is to the Brush Mate 20, but as your suspending your brushes in water (or as I have been, a weak KrudKutter solution or you can use their brush wash) you need to rise some of the paint off before storage. Which hasn’t been a problem with the help of the Clean and Go.

Secure brush holders for storage

Suspending the brushes also helps for the remaining paint in the stock to gently release, which can only be a good thing. At the moment I’m favouring the Cling On Brushkeeper as the main overnight storage unit and using the Clean and Go to keep my brushes fresh throughout the day and before going into the Brushkeeper.

Don’t think that your limited with colours when using the Hildering and Cling On system there is very little colour transfer (I change the Hildering water every 2/3 days and the Cling On Brushkeeper up to 10 days) between brushes and I’ve stored pale off-whites and greens in the same container with no problems.

Locking latch prevents spillage from brushkeeper

Suspending the brushes also helps for the remaining paint in the stock to gently release, which can only be a good thing. At the moment I’m favouring the Cling On Brushkeeper as the main overnight storage unit and using the Clean and Go to keep my brushes fresh throughout the day and before going into the Brushkeeper.

Don’t think that your limited with brush colours when using the Cling On system there is very little colour transfer (I change the Hildering water every 2/3 days and the Cling On Brushkeeper up to 10 days) between brushes and I’ve stored pale off-whites and greens in the same container with no problems.

So why mess around with carrier bags, cling film or buckets of water. Both the Clean and Go and the Cling On Brushkeeper save you time cleaning brushes everyday, or slowly clogging them up. Just need something for my rollers now?

P.S. You might have noticed the new Rembrandt brush from ArroWorthy, not been used on any scale yet. But the initial impressions are really good, more on that later

‘This post was first published on the Traditional Painter website, written by myself, Matthew Rhys Evans’


Tools of the Trade

Where would a tradesman be without his tools and thankfully there are people out there questioning what is on the shelves and developing new tools that we can now not live without. The Go-Paint range of kettles, pourers, and brush keepers is something that has caught my eye.

different paint kettles
Clockwise from top right – Wooster Pelican, Paint & Go tin with liner, Clean & Go storage, Spare liner, Roll & Go liner

I’ve mostly used plastic kettles for my everyday work especially the Wooster Pelican, so the Go-Paint metal kettle with a plastic liner initially seemed a little strange, but once I started using it I could see the benefit and its strongest point in my opinion changing the liner. This is something that can also be achieved with the Wooster Pelican which also has a liner, but when the pelican liner is removed it can be quite unstable and can fall easily, spilling paint and causing damage.

The Pelican does have the added feature of using a 4 inch roller built at the same time, Go Roll of addressed this with another liner that has a vertical paint tray. While this is useful it does take up a lot of space so only a limited amount of paint can be held. It also lacks a magnetic brush holder like the Pelican and with the limited space using a brush and roller simultaneously is a bit of a juggling act.

Roll & Go supports itself easily
Roll & Go supports itself easily

The liner can also be used without the outer metal tin with its own handle that can store store a 4 inch roller. Hilderling suggest you can store your roller overnight with this system with their supplied lid.

Now the brusk keeper they have is of interest, since switching over to waterborne paints my BrushMate sits in the shed. Water based paints have big points over oil but having to clean them out every night isn’t one of them, this does help. I’ve used this for a while and quite like it for short term use, then cleaning brushes fully after a couple of days a week at the most.

Hanging the brushes vertically helps, but of course you really have to get rid of all the excess water before using them. I find a quick spin in a clean 5 litre tin does the job.

Water based brush mate
Waterbased brush storage is great help when warm and dry weather finally comes to the UK

I see the biggest bonus of this system is actually daily storage, lunch time, waiting to recoat (while you crack on with sometime else of course) and travelling home leaves time for paint to dry and slowly clog up my favourite brush. But this relieves that, and will do no end in the scorching summer months that we have!

In case your wondering, in the brush holder are two brushes that I am quite impressed with, a 2″ Wooster Silver Tip and 2″ Corona Cody, but more on that later.

By Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor

Historical Lincrusta Restoration

We are not joking when we say that Lincrusta has high durability, there are countless examples dating back into the nineteenth century. But accidents do happen and repairs are sometimes needed, unfortunately not all the pattern rollers survive and a historic pattern would cost thousands to hand engrave a new steel roller with the original design.

Lincrusta Dado

Small chipped area can be repaired with a skilled hand but Lincrusta have developed a Restoration Kit ideal for restoring damaged designs in repeats up to 1 square metre and for wall areas up to 20 square metres.

Made from a Plaster-of-Paris compound, this allows the damaged design to be replicated exactly without damaging the existing surface and we can also decorate it to match perfectly, whilst being flexible enough to be used on curved as well as flat walls and ceilings – a great way to preserve a great product for future generations.

For more information on the Restoration Kit or if you have any examples of historic Lincrusta feel free to send us some snaps, please get in touch with us at

by Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor.

Vintage 50’s Magnolia and a fitting Kitchen Green

This kitchen, at a busy family home in Ammanford, was in need of a face lift. Installed at the same time as the house was built around 20 years ago, it was well made with solid doors and didn’t need to be replaced. To record the process from start to finish I set up a time lapse camera, although there were some other trade coming and going so turned it off out of respect while they were working in the room.

A new tile floor and splash back was installed along with worktops a new island with inbuild cooker and extraction, with some updated lighting and sockets to finish off. Then we came in to perform the finishing touches.

Cleaning everything down with Krud Kutter Original is always a pleasure as it cuts through any and all grease you might find. Things were a little awkward as the kitchen was always going to still be in use by a busy family.

With everything cleaned down, our Festool dust free sanding unit was brought in to keep dust to a minimum and at the same time providing a perfect surface to apply our first coat of Zinsser Coverstain.

The chosen finish was Little Greene Oil Eggshell, in 50’s Magnolia and (quite fittingly) Kitchen Green.

Three coats were applied and new handles fitted to complete the look. While we were there there was also a pine welsh dresser and wine rack that now looked out of place. So a little extra time was spent preparing and painting them to the same spec along with two new IKEA stools to match the cooker island.

For a no obligation quote to have your kitchen painted get in touch with us. Phone us on 01792 885173 or try our mobile on 07528 467 284.Of course there is also our email, get in touch with us at

If you are outside the South Wales area you want to look at UK Hand-Painted Kitchen Specialists on the Traditional Painter website.

by Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor

Chalk paint just for kitchens?

I do a couple of hand painted kitchens a year and a few more now that we are in an association of UK Hand-Painted Kitchen Specialists. A great product to use if your looking to do some DIY kitchen doors yourself is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, it needs minimal preperation (it can even be applied over wax surfaces) and is easy to use even if your not that skilled with a brush. Good coverage and a real chalky texture its perfect for your country kitchen.

Hand painted kitchen and doors finished with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Fiddes Supreme Wax

Clean down where you are going to paint and carry out your filling and sanding as you normally would and apply two coats of Chalk Paint. But a kitchen is a real work house for your home and you dont want to have something that isn’t durable, which is why we advise to apply a couple of coats of wax to protect your newly painted units in the long term.

You dont have to stop at your kitchen, chalk paint can easily be used on furniture, distressed with sandpaper and as in the picture above we painted the doors to the larder and fridge/freezer to match the reclaimed laboratory unit. This way you get a continuation of colour and finish through the whole kitchen.

Welsh Heritage Decor covers the South Wales area for hand painted kitchens, but if your looking for someone you can trust to paint your kitchen we recommend the UK Hand-Painted Kitchen Specialists for someone local to you.

by Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor

Wallpaper Strips

Something that I come across from time to time especially when working on properties that have not been maintained, is old wallpapers. Usually found in multiple layers as they have been applied on top of each other, which although isn’t good working practise it does, to some extent, preserve these decorative beauties. I love finding a splash of colour when stripping back a room for a new wallcovering, it kind of makes the nasty job worthwhile. So a couple of samples that I have kept I shall share with you here, I’m not going to try and tell you any history behind the patterns or colours. But if you have any samples yourself I’d be very happy to see them.

And should you wish to replicate a traditional room setting we’d be happy to help

by Matthew Evans of Welsh Heritage Decor

Sneak Preview

I’m working on another movie for a project that has recently been completed, but I’ll give you a sneaky peek at some of the images. Check back for the finished showcase film and a post on the methods paints and problems encountered that we solved. Take a look here for more information on working with traditional buildings.

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